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GDPR We’ll keep it brief.

If you’ve not heard about GDPR, you must have been in a monastery on another planet, GDPR is everywhere.

The first thing we have to say, is you could have been spared many of those samey old e mails, if the senders hadn’t leapt into panic mode and blanket e-mailed everyone on their ancient listings.

At the bottom of this blog post, you’ll find our privacy statement. It’s a brief synopsis of how we categorise the folk we have data on and the level of confidentiality we attach to it.

As we said, it’s brief in comparison to how we are reviewing the GDPR regulations and how those affect our daily working processes. That’s why we’ll spare you the pain of having to endure page after page of our GDPR policies.

Internally, we work to written procedures relevant to each department, but what is common are the keywords of GDPR, which are how we process, store, protect and delete any possibly sensitive data we keep.

Firstly, we don’t share or sell any of our data with any other third party.

We already had safety precautions for many of our daily operations. For example, if you’re a Tardis domestic customer, who pays for service over the phone by card, the telephone lines you use are not recorded to protect the sensitive data you give to us.

What’s more, your card details aren’t stored by us either. We keypunch your details directly into an online merchant services portal, who’s level of data protection is of “banking standard”.

That’s just one example of a daily work practice, we reviewed and ensured we made safe.

Opt in, opt out.

If you go to our website and click on the Get a Quote button, before you can send us your name, address, email etc, you will be given the choice to opt in or out of being kept on our marketing database.

If you opt out, we’ll still process the enquiry you asked us for, but the e mail sent to the relevant department will state, do not add to the database.

If you’re already on the database, you may have noticed on our e mails,  there is always the option to unsubscribe. We’ve been doing that for ages and we do comply with your wishes.

Marketing communication can serve you well.

Unless you fall foul of unscrupulous  marketers, it’s quite useful to be in touch with a supplier of services and products you like or have a need for.

Our marketing mainly includes our quarterly Tardis Times magazine and seasonal info tiles, such as troubleshooting tips for on-demand pumps in cold weather, which as you might imagine, we sent out in the colder months, not the middle of June.

But of course, it’s bad marketing practice and poor care of data storage that made it necessary to bring the now twenty year old Data Protection Act up to date with modern data technology and give it more power to act against flagrant breaches of personal data.

If you watch the news, we don’t have to remind you of some of the gargantuan losses of personal data over the past four years or so.

The value of data entrusted to organisations.

Tardis GDPR Privacy Policy

GDPR downloadble pdf

GDPR has made organisations think about the value of the data they are entrusted to hold on our behalf and where systems need to be adapted to better protect valuable data, it is done.

There are stiff penalties for those who fail to review or disregard what GDPR means to the data organisations hold.

But we said we’d keep this simple and indeed we will.

Take a look over our privacy policy. If you’ve any *questions, as a Tardis or H2O client, then go to the respective website and get in touch, not forgetting the opt in or opt out tick box exercise.

*We are unable to answer GDPR questions of a general nature, just those relevant to your business dealings with us.


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