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With event season coming up it’s around that time event organisers start to get that excited but nervous feeling, worried about their event, hoping nothing goes wrong and everyone has a good time.

There are a lot of things out of their hands, such as the weather, the artist’s performance and a lot of other things that can go wrong!

One thought that might be on their mind is, “have I got enough portable toilets?” and if they don’t think about this, it may be too late when they come across the endless queues for the loo, the desperate people contemplating heading to the bushes.

Ensuring you have the right amount of portable toilets at your event is one pivotal factor to its success. However if you find yourself with an inadequate amount do not worry, help is at hand!

At Tardis we provide 24/7 portable toilet hire with nationwide next day delivery, and even over a 24/7 emergency call out service so if you really need help you can be sure we will be on our way!

Our fleet of tankers can also provide a total wet waste removal service ensuring that your portable toilets are in the best working condition.

So if you want the complete festival sanitation service contact us today!