Septic tank to cost €50 after today

The deadline has final come around for the cheap registration fee of €5 which will end 28th September 2012, which is today. The current fee to get your septic tank registered will increase to €50 and will need to be registered by the beginning of February 2013.

The EPA is currently developing a National Inspection Plan that will be ready sometime soon. They also said that they will be using a risk-based approach in the plan.

When the inspections commence the EPA will be publicing in the national and local news media.

All EPA Inspectors will have identification, so make sure you ask to see the ID first before letting someone inspect your septic tank.

You will be informed when an inspection is due by the water services authority.

Are domestic septic tank included?

Yes all Domestic wastewater treatment systems which will include septic tanks, waste water tanks and treatment systems receiving, storing, treating or disposing of domestic waste water. It also includes all fittings and percolation areas associated with such tanks and systems and drains used to discharge waste water from a premises, whether or not a receiving tank is present.

Who is excluded?

Owners of properties that are connected to larger on-site system which discharge more than 5 cubic metres per day will not be required to register their tank. Systems that  might be excluded are, sports clubs, pubs, hotels, guest houses and other businesses that require a licence from the relevant local authority under Section 4 of the Water Pollution Act 1997.

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