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Toilet Block Waste Removal

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Toilet Block Liquid Waste Removal

Toilet blocks require liquid waste removal as part of toilet servicing the welfare unit. On larger construction sites, you’ll often find a toilet block instead of an individual toilet. Waste tanks are also known as a “belly tank” or a “sewage tank”. It’s important to remember these are not a septic tank, although they are often incorrectly described as septic tanks. We also do provide a septic tank emptying service.
These blocks only have toilets and basic washing facilities. There are blocks or units that contain other facilities such as a canteen. We also service welfare units. Waste is stored in a storage tank either underneath, or integral to the building.
toilet block liquid waste removal
Above ground sewage storage tanks are useful for holding waste under the unit.
Tardis provides a service to these sort of installations employing our vacuum tanker fleet. We can send our service vehicles but our tankers can remove larger quantities of waste. The tankers carry a clean water supply for top ups suitable for hand washing and toilet flushing.
We service any make of block, not only our own. We provide a service on a weekly round basis or more frequent if the facility demands it.
toilet block liquid waste removal
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