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Liquid Waste Management

Liquid Waste Disposal

Liquid waste forms a large part of our tanker based services, which in themselves, can be quite varied.

Our common daily tanker based tasks revolve around toilet and welfare block servicing, removing waste and topping up water tanks for hand wash and toilet flushing, but we don’t stop there.

Oil, water and grease removal comes under the banner of wet waste and we’ve tankers equipped to handle these jobs admirably.

We’re wizards at drilling slurry removal, which can range from dirty water, to a suspended soup of mud and water. We dispose of either at the correct facilities, with all the paperwork completed correctly.

We’ve worked on Crossrail sites, which to the initiated, means vehicles equipped to high levels of safety and drivers trained to observe potential road hazards.

We’re also well into the project of equipping our vehicle fleet to meet the rigorous FORS silver standard, taking our commitment to the safety of other road users, beyond construction sites, to the highways and byways of Britain.