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FORS & Crossrail Compliant Tankers

FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold

FORS is the acronym for Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme and it is an accreditation which has to be earned rather like an ISO accreditation.


Having operated much of our fleet within Crossrail compliance for some time, the natural progression for a company operating in excess of a hundred vehicles, was to seek accreditation to FORS.

It is aimed at both documenting and practicing diligent and safe fleet operation, by the employment of equipment  and training of operators, whilst clarifying many aspects of their areas of prime responsibility.

Drivers for example receive training out of the cab to improve their awareness of how it feels to be a vulnerable road user (such as a cyclist).

The level of electronic safety equipment varies varies from level to level. At silver level, there are a minimum of four exterior cameras on board, as is the automatic blind spot sensing system.

Hi visibility LED signage is used to raise awareness to road users outside the vehicle of potential dangers.

Our Commitment to the Crossrail Project

Much is heard about safety these days, both on the roads and on site.

For some time now, Tardis Environmental have been running a variety of vehicles which meet the standard of compliance required to work on the enormous Crossrail project in London.

Essentially, the vehicle safety systems are catering for what are called “vulnerable road users”. This includes both pedestrians and cyclists.

One of the most dangerous areas of vulnerable road user can occupy, is the inside or nearside of a HGV, due to the many blind spots.

Crossrail compliance counters this danger with a variety of vehicle extras, which includes additional blind spot mirrors, Fresnel lenses and the use of Side Scan proximity system, which as the name suggests, senses when there is a person occupying the nearside blind spot and triggers an alert to the driver with audible beep.

The system can also activate a TV screen in the cab allowing the driver to see and identify the potential danger.

A vehicle turning left presents possibly the biggest danger to a person occupying the vehicle’s blind spot.

Compliant vehicles have a turn left audible warning which broadcasts outside the vehicle warning of the turning manoeuvre.