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Waste Oil Removal

Oil Water Removal

It is indeed true that oil and water “don’t mix’, especially true when it comes to them co-habiting in a drainage system.

Tardis Environmental has the equipment and trained crews to remove the problem and dispose of the offending liquids legally and ethically.

We remove this sort of contamination from pump chambers, devices known as interceptors which are designed to prevent the contaminant getting into the public drainage system.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Few people haven’t heard of Fat Berg. Another scourge of modern life and fast food.

Huge lumps of congealed fat blocking even the biggest diameter sewers.

For smaller bores of pipework, we can provide jetting services to break up such blockages and again, vacuum it up into a tanker for proper disposal.

See our interceptor cleaning services for more on oil/grease removal applications.