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Septic Tank Emptying

Septic Tank Emptying

Septic tanks, despite the unsavoury title, do a wonderful nature friendly job. They work “naturally” biodegrading your waste over time, but despite their clever design, they do at times,¬† need emptying. Of course, the answer to how often should I empty my septic tank, is a difficult one to provide, because it depends on how much is being sent to it. Our experience is that a domestic septic tank should be emptied at least once a year.

Waste tank or septic tank – what’s the difference?

Some people get confused between a septic tank and a waste tank. It’s a simple mistake, which maybe we can explain ?

In general, septic tanks will be found in more remote areas where there is no mains sewage disposal system, so this can be a small domestic tank, a medium to large tank catering for a rural hotel or indeed larger tanks for industrial premises that are out of town. Domestic tanks will be buried with only the access port above the ground. The one thing they all have in common is their chemical action on the contents.

A waste tank is just that. A tank in which liquid waste is flushed. The tank should be monitored and emptied on a regular basis (meaning then it is approaching full), as there is no chemical action or mechanism where harmless water soaks away into the surrounding soil as happens with a septic tank.

The common use for waste tanks is non-permanent use on construction projects, often used under a welfare cabin or toilet block and in similar arrangement at events and festivals.

When it comes to emptying a septic tank, we need to know the lay of the land in advance. Why? Because we send large tankers (26 – 32 tonnes) out daily to empty a variety of vessels and one problem we often encounter is a property where a HGV has no chance of access. We do need to know for example, how far the tank servicing port is from the road. Alternatively, we’ve a small towable service unit that we can bring along with a Land Rover, so if we know in advance, the job will go smoothly.

Warning signs a septic tank needs emptying.

Generally, your nose will alert you, especially during the summer months. Sometimes you find the ground can be wet around the area where the tank is buried or your sinks, washing machines etc will empty slower than you are used to. That’s when it’s time to call Tardis and arrange to have the tank emptied.

If you’ve questions on septic tank emptying that can’t be answered by looking through the advice page, then of course give the team a call on 0800 731 0589 they’ll talk you though the procedure and help arrange a smooth job. ¬†