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Tardis Environmental can offer you a full solution when it comes to the loading and unloading of plant hire. Both hazardous and potentially dangerous, this process requires the correct equipment in order for site to offload and load plant hire safely.


What is plant hire?


Plant hire is also known as equipment hire. It is the process of providing machinery and specialist equipment to site. At Tardis we provide many of our products for hire on a short or long-term basis including the construction, events and festival industries.


tardis toilets


Unloading and Loading Procedure Meaning


The reference to unloading products is also referred to as “offloading”. This is the process of removing cargo from a vehicle. We have several vehicles at Tardis that we use to transport our products. Loading products onto a transportation vehicle is the process of “loading”.


7.5 Tonne Haulage HGV:


  • Used to transport our portable toilet range
  • Can transport up to 10 portable toilets
  • There is a further tow a trailer to carry a further 10 portable toilets


Please note: If you need several toilets on site, it is best to review the vehicle dimensions to enable that we can access your site. If this is an issue, we can arrange an alternative vehicle prior to visiting the site. Please contact us if you feel the vehicle will have issues accessing your sites. Importantly, we want to arrive on site quick and effectively to provide you the best service.


When unloading the toilets, there is a tail lift at the rear of the vehicle to prevent the toilets being tipped during delivery and collection.


7.5tonne HGV transporting portable toilets with trailer



18 Tonne Flat Bed with Crane: 


  • Used to transport waste tanks
  • Can also transport clean water tanks and towable water bowers


flat bed crane lorry

Our Tardis Flatbed crane lorry is used to transport heavier plant.


When we arrive on site, what equipment do I need unload?


Extra-long forks for a forklift


possible issue with offloading products is not evenly distributing the weight of the load. An example would be that when unloading a portable toilet, having access to extra-long forks on a forklift can help balance the weight of the load evenly.

The most common products unloaded by extra long forks:

  • 10,000 litre water bowsers
  • 5,000 litre water bowsers
  • Waste Tanks


unloading plant hire, portable toilets with forklift



Swivel Eye Bolts / Chains / Nylon Springs


Lifting eyes or eye nuts are also known as swivel eye bolts. They help lift heavy loads. The importance of selecting the correct lifting eye depends on the load that is being processed.

Chains and shackles are used to secure the transport by coupling with the swivel eye bolt. Nylon slings are also used to unload/load and can carry products up to 1 tonne.


chain and shackles securing waste tank


They are often used for transportation of:

  • Static bowsers
  • Towable dust suppression bowsers
  • IBC’S



Plant Hire Animation

This animation shows the process of loading and unloading of our plant on site.


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