Bulk Water Storage

There are many uses for water. But did you know that water is used to cut through concrete. This is called hydro demolition. Hydro Demolition is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry; the main benefit is that although the water can cut through concrete it does not damage the metal frame within the concrete. This will mean that repairs can be carried out with minimum interference.

What other benefits does hydro demolition have?

  • Vibration free eliminating HAV’s risk for operators compared with percussive tools
  • Vibration free eliminates percussive noise transfer within a structure
  • No damage of cracks to adjacent concrete
  • Embedded steel is undamaged and cleaned
  • Creates an excellent base to form a strong bond surface for new material

So what does our bulk water storage service have in common with hydro demolition? On some Demolition sites mains water supply is not available, so they would need a large volume of bulk water to be supplied. This is where our H2O Tank comes in very handy with its massive 4000 gallon capacity of fresh water (Not suitable for drinking).

4000 Bulk Water

Need more than 4000 gallons?

Tardis can provide bulk water storage tanks up to 6000 gallons. Both the 4000 and the 6000 gallon tanks come on a trailer for easy transportation.

Bulk Water storage Tank

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