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But the access hatch is in a hard to reach area!

Tardis are now a proud owner of this Tardis Mobile Vacuum Tanker.
The Mobile Vacuum Tanker will many be used to service our Portable toilets, but with its capacity to carry 450 gallons wet waste, it will be sent out to perform septic tank emptying services for those hard to reach septic tanks, where our normal 26 ton or even our 18 ton vacuum tanker just can’t get to.

The Mobile Vacuum Tanker also has the capabilities to carry up to 150 gallons of fresh water.

So what are the specs of our new Mobile Vacuum Tanker?

The Tardis mobile Vacuum Tanker comes complete with at least 15 metres of 50mm Tiger Tail hose.

The 150 gallon water tank is fitted with 15 metres of 25mm hose complete.

The Mobile Vacuum Tanker is fitted with a 75mm discharge valve, 3 metres of waste discharge hose, 2 sight glasses, 1 pressure relief valve, 1 cut off trap when full and 1 vapour trap to protect vacuum pump.

So if your in need of a septic tank emptying service, but have a difficult septic tank to empty, then call Tardis on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website. There is also a PDF spec sheet for the Tardis Mobile Vacuum Tanker.