Meet our new Water tank to the Tardis Family

Tardis New Water Tank

We have just acquired a new Water Tank with a trailer. As you can see it was very dirty, when we first received delivery of our water tank.

Water Tank Tardis

It will now go through a Tardis Makeover and be repainted in our colours.

Rear Water Tank TardisNew Water Tank Tardis


And here we are our new Trailered tank ready to deliver bulk water to one of our luckily customers.

The new mobile tank has a massive 18,000 litre capacity to deliver fresh water to any site. You can Hire the mobile tank for as long as you want and have it refilled whenever wherever you want (Additional cost for every time it needs a refill apply).

So if you need bulk water delivered to your site or event then you can count on Tardis Environmental to get the job done.

Give Tardis a call today and speak to the experts on any of our services. Freephone 0800 731 0589.