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Septic tank Emptying Tanker in with the new and out with the old!!!

Normal When a Vehicle Starts Braking down and the Repair bills are now worth more than the actual vehicle; you tend to start looking for a new vehicle and scrap the old vehicle for as much money as possible.

Here at Tardis Environmental we believe in recycling everything we can. Even paper, we turn it round and print on the other side. So when one of our Septic tank emptying tankers has reached the point where it becomes too costly to repair, we don’t just send it off to the scrap heap, we try and salvage as much as possible.

Here is a perfect example of a Tardis Environmental tanker having a tank from an old tanker being placed onto one of our new Scania chassis.

Tardis is also looking in to getting solar panels installed at their head office. This is all part of Tardis lowering its Carbon Footprint and protecting the environment the best way we know how.

We have also been awarded Bronze FORS, check out our website for more details.

Need a Septic tank emptying service? We have depots placed all around the UK, so we can provide the best coverage at low low cost.