Which is Better Plastic or Steel Waste Tanks?

What are Waste Holding Tanks?

Waste Tanks are basically tanks that hold waste. Waste tanks are usually located underneath a welfare unit or a Portable Toilet Block and will collect any waste water. The Waste water could be from the toilets or even the sink from the canteen of the welfare unit.

Why Choose a Steel Waste Holding Tank over a Plastic Waste Tank?

waste tank

  1. Our own mild Steel Waste Holding Tanks are made from 4mm – 6mm mild steel.
  2. We can fabricate Waste Tanks in all sorts of different sizes from our smallest 50 gallons tank all the way up to 1500 Gallons
  3. Can be placed under a welfare unit unlike a plastic waste tank.
  4. Convenient Lifting Eyes.
  5. Will not get damaged being moved about or get a split from over use. Which could leak toxic waste water into a river and pollute and kill the surrounding wildlife, which would then mean that the EPA could step in and take you to court and fined!
  6. 6inch inspection hatches to allow easy waste removal
  7. Steel Waste Tanks can survive any weather. Plastic tanks if full can split and leak in the winter.
Waste Holding Tank

So if you would like a long lasting strong waste tank, that can be placed under a welfare, fabricated to your needs with convenient lifting eyes then call Tardis Environmental Today  on 0800  7840 589