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With our portable shower trailer unit with pump setup, we can provide a submersible water pump. The pump is connected to a static tank to transport wastewater into the waste tank via the pump.


How does the pump work?


Check out the image above. You can see that the shower block is connected via a hose to the pump. The pump then transports the wastewater into a static waste tank. The pump is a particular type of pump that can pump the effluent wastewater from the shower upwards and into the bowser/tank. Submersible water pumps are useful for many applications requiring water flow to flow up and above ground level.


Portable Shower Trailer with Pump Setup




Self Contained Shower Unit


It is a great way to provide a self contained shower setup as the wastewater is stored in the static tank. If you then require an empty service, we can provide this. The benefit of using our shower hire is that we can offer a full solution from delivery, setup, servicing and then removal when your hire duration has ended. We provide many of our site services and water services across many industries nationwide on a daily basis, we will provide a solution.


How to set up the shower on-site


The setup can be conducted by one of our Tardis Fitters who specialise in temporary site services such as electrical, plumbing, and providing water testing. When arranging your hire, please speak to the hire desk team to confirm if you require our Tardis Fitters to complete a full installation.


Portable Shower Trailer for domestic and commercial use


Our portable shower trailer video explains the setup and the features of the shower trailer. It is suitable for domestic and commercial usage nationwide, including events, festivals, home renovations, and construction sites.



Temporary Site Services

For more information on setup and installation of plant on-site, check out our Tardis Fitters.