Tree Stump Toilet

An American Portable toilet company has joined forces with a master Hollywood Set Designer and have produced one of the most eye catching portable toilet camouflages I have ever seen. This is a good alternative to the tradition Portable toilet, if blending in is more important than standing out. I could see this being a great investment for camp sites and Golf Clubs.

This Stump shaped portable toilet completely fools the eye as it has no straight lines with real bark textured surface that looks like the real thing. This Tree stump style portable toilet is also surprisingly roomy at 6’10’ tall interior. It is designed to be a full working portable toilet with features like its floor to ceiling seamless encapsulated insulation.

Each Portable Tree Stump Toilet has an hand painted exterior, which has a UV stabilized hard surface, integrated rain drainage system, seamless construction (no corners or straight lines ), Insulated unit and locking door with internal frame.

The height is approx. 6’10” tall and 8’ around. The weight of the Portable toilet Tree Stump is only 295 lbs.

The Portable Tree Stump can be fitted with a hand washing station, soap, towels, vanity mirror, interior lighting and a coat hook/item shelf.

A premium Stump Tree is large enough to allow wheel chair access in and out of the portable toilet.

If you are interested in the above toilet then give Tardis a call today on 0800 731 0589.