A German company invent a Portable toilet that will fit in a woman’s handbag!!!

When a man needs to a man can go anywhere but when a women needs to go she needs cross her legs and wait for the nearest toilet. Now thanks to a German company, women can go whenever they like thanks to a new portable toilet that fits inside your handbag.

This new portable toilet is called ‘Ladybag’ and will help cut wasting time queuing up for the toilets at events.

How does this the new toilet work, the actual toilet consists of a plastic bag fitted with absorbent polymers that turn urine into a gel. The toilet will fold to the size of a chocolate bar when folded. It has a wide pink opening and can be used squatting, sitting or standing.

The Portable toilet is disguised as a leaf. The gel itself can absorb 1 pint of liquid, but if you had one to many drinks at an event the bag itself can hold 2.2 pints. The gel will also prevent any unwanted smells from coming out, plus can be disposed of in the rubbish bin and will not harm the environment

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