Hiring a Portable Toilet for Bonfire Night?

If you’re planning to have a party during Guy Fawkes Night and want to hire some Mobile toilets. Here are some things to remember.

Make sure the portable toilets are easy to find in the dark and try to make sure they are in well-lit area as most portable toilets don’t have their own light.

Positioning of the portable toilet is key as you don’t want the toilet to be too close to the bonfire as the toilets are only made of plastic, which is great as this makes them light and durable but not fire proof even at a distance a toilet could still start to melt and weaken from the heat of the fire.

Don’t use the portable toilets as a storage unit for fireworks or any other equipment. When you hire portable toilets from a portable toilet company remember you are responsible for that toilet and any damages that occur could mean you will have to repair or even replace the loo that you hired, which could mean a costly event.

Need an Event Toilet for Guy Fawkes Night then give us a call on 0800 731 0589 and just see how low our costs are. All our Toilets come with 2 rolls of toilet paper, hand soap and the chemical that will sit in the waste tank.