Can you Stop the Water in a Portable Toilet from freezing?

You have hired a portable toilet or even gone and bought one yourself a portable toilet. You’re probably worried about the coming water and what it will do to the toilet.

Some people will tell you to pour some antifreeze in the waste tank to stop it from freezing.This will help stop it freezing up to a point, but this will also mean that instead of the waste water just being normal sewage waste, it will have to be treated as chemical waste, which could incur a further charge as it is different waste water and will need to be disposed of differently.

The best way to prevent the waste water in a portable toilet from freezing is to use salt as this will lower the freezing temperature of the waste water inside your portable toilet. But you can’t stop water from freezing so don’t be too upset if the water freezes salt and antifreeze only lowers the freezing temperature.

You should be able to ask your portable toilet supplier for advice, or ask them to come out and put some salt in the waste tank.

After searching the internet I came across this YouTube video of portable toilet pranks and thought as it’s coming up to Christmas why not.