Swansea Council allow Portable toilets to be place on top of Memorial

Hard work has been placed into getting Swansea Bay 10k ready for last Sunday. All the preparation and effort that went in for last Sundays 10k run was nearly ruined with Swansea council allowing a block of several portable toilets to be placed on top of a legendary memorial. Passers-by commented on the thoughtless and insensitive defacing of a city’s local legend.

Portable toilets

Picture of Portable Toilets over Memorial

The Memorial is for local rescue dog legend Jack who would always respond to the cries of help that came from the water and would dive into the water and rescue whoever was having difficulty and would safely bring them to the dock side. The first rescue jack did was in 1931, where he rescued a 12 year old boy, which went unreported and then a few weeks later jack rescued a swimmer from the docks that was reported in a local newspaper and then went on to receive a silver collar. 1936 he was awarded bravest dog of the year by London Star Newspaper.

Sadly in 1937 Jack died from eating rat poison. But in his whole life time he managed to rescue over 20 people, which earned him Dog of the century by New Found friends of Bristol.

Dogs are and always will be man’s best friend!!