When you’re throwing an event its quite easy to get caught up the excitement of booking acts, organising shows, stalls and whatever else you decide to have there, but sometimes all this can lead to you forgetting, or most of the time underestimating some parts of your event. Portable toilets being one of them!

A prime example of this is at an event in America, Prescott Valley Fireworks show. The event was a success; however one attendee took to the internet to show his displeasure at the lack of portable toilets provided. It was estimated that there was around 2,000 people attending the event, maybe more however only 9 portable toilets were provided! This is completely unacceptable, and as you can imagine many guests simply could not wait, or could not be bothered too.

Putting it bluntly, if there is somewhere else men can go, they most likely will. The person describes seeing men heading towards bushes, and even driving to another place just to go to the toilet.

This is definitely not something you want to happen at your event, spending that extra bit of money to ensure your guests are soundly accommodated for goes a long way in the hospitality industry, if there  are not enough portable toilets at your event, they will complain, they will not be happy, and they will find other places to go.

Tardis environmental have over a decade of dealing with events, large and small and can help you ensure you have the right amount of portable toilets at your event to keep your guests happy! If you need portable toilet hire be sure to contact us today, even if it’s just for a chat!