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You’d think the last thing someone would want especially in the pouring rain, would be 30,000 litres of water pumping on to a roof. Of course you’d be wrong, because that’s precisely what we were doing down in Colchester on Wednesday.

tardish2o tanker colchester

This is an engineer’s test for leaks, not a swimming pool as you might be forgiven for thinking.

It’s a procedure we are finding we’re called upon to provide for more often in recent times and basically, it’s to test a flat roof for leaks.

In this case, two five story accommodation blocks belonging to the university.

The challenge for this job was the lift (or head) to get the water approximately fifty feet up on to the roof.

tardis h2o tanker water hose


In this case, our standard petrol driven water pump did the job admirably with 2” water hose, though to ensure the job would be completed had this not been the case, we had an alternative pump and pipework in reserve.

image of university accommodation

It’s not the first time we’ve been asked to flood something.  Back in November, we attended site in Birmingham to flood a private car park.

The objective as our client put it “to create a perfect storm”, so So’westers and galoshes being the order of the day, we set about under direction from men with stop watches and clipboards, delivering the payloads of two of our water tankers under controlled conditions.

The car park had been recently re done by our client and features a special construction technique to incorporate a soak away. The project was successful, with the fastest soak away being less the two minutes and the slowest just over five.

We really like these “quirky” jobs as they show the diversity and detail the UK construction industry goes to, to ensure their projects are delivered as ordered.

We actually maintain a “quirky list” at Tardis, for just this sort of job, so we can evaluate the job and send the correctly equipped tankers to complete without snag or delay.

For example, last year one of our water tankers found itself besieged by grateful penguins, as we refilled their enclosure at one of the southern counties zoos.  We broke the news gently to the driver that Emperor penguins make lousy pets.

So just to recap the serious stuff…

Tardis can deliver up to 30,000 litres of water per load. In the main for the type of jobs we’ve been talking about today, that’s clean water drawn from local authority licensed hydrants.

That water can also be quality assured drinking water for which the vessels, fittings and storage media are pre treated to ensure the product is fit for purpose.

Add to that our water testing service that can be provided to ensure the water you’re drinking is good for drinking and you’ve the complete package, signed, sealed and delivered.

Our Tardis H2O website features the range of water related services on offer from a company operating under the Tardis Environmental flag, a company established 27 years.


So whether your job is quirky or straightforward, why not talk to the specialists ?

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