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The UK’s recent heatwave has caused a rush in construction sites requiring dust suppression solutions.

For those opting for a dust suppression bowser, it’s very important to be mindful of the water you are using as a payload.

Dust suppression is intended to reduce the health hazard posed by dust; refilling the vessel with water from uncontrolled sources could create a whole host of new health and safety concerns.

By spraying water into the air to provide dust suppression, this also means small droplets will be airborne. Did you know, that Legionnaire’s disease is contracted from water droplets in the atmosphere, which carry Legionella bacteria.


Legionnaire’s disease is a form of atypical pneumonia contracted by inhaling airborne water droplets containing Legionella bacteria. Anyone can develop Legionnaire’s disease but those most at risk include the elderly, smokers, those with cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory or kidney disease.

Legionella bacteria are commonly found in natural water sources such as ponds, canals, rivers and lakes or indeed water storage tanks with no temperature control or chlorination process. Temperatures of 20-45°C is the ideal range for the bacteria to multiply, so far this summer temperatures in the UK have been pretty consistently within this range.

Not only can abstracting water from the likes of rivers, lakes and ponds cause issues to human health but it can also pose a risk to wildlife too.

For reasons such as the above, when filling dust suppression bowsers, you must use water that is taken from a potable source. 

An example of this being a water authority hydrant; You must also use a licenced standpipe for the relevant authority and observe their extraction techniques. Not doing so risks prosecution by the authorities.

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