8 more days till the deadline

Only 8 days left to register your septic tank for only €5. After the 28th September the cost will rise from €5 to €50 and you will then need to have your septic tank registered by February 2013.

This is all part of the new shake up for owners who have a septic tank system instead of being part of the main sewage line.

The EPA will send out inspectors to check and make sure that your septic tank is inline the new water service act 2012 and not polluting the environment.

If your septic tank is found to be leaking or found releasing polluted water back into the ground water you could end up with a caution to repair or even a fine.

All Inspectors from the EPA will have ID so don’t be afraid to ask for ID as there are fears that some might try and take advantage.

As long as you do a regular empty on your septic tank min being 1 year you should have no problems.

If a problem does occur give Tardis a call 0800 731 0589. We will be more than happy to help.