Pop star Rita Ora struggles with a strange phobia – she is terrified of bathrooms.

Apparently she fears there is something sinister lurking in the U-bend everytime she needs to use the toilet and its going to pop and and get her!

She tells newspaper The Sun, “I always feel that when I go to the toilet that something’s going to come out of the bottom.

“I have this thing where I think this tunnel must start from somewhere and sometimes I think, ‘What if something comes out of the toilet?’

“That’s been one of my fears. I always make sure I put the light on when I go.”

The rising star has performed at a couple of festivals this year, and will no doubt continue to do so; I wonder how she will cope with portable toilets?

portable toilets are a must have at festivals and they can be a challenge to use even for the bravest of men after a couple of days however for artists VIP Luxury trailers are provided most of the time, so she may be okay.