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New Vacuum Tanker on the way!!!


Tardis sent a new Scania 32 ton chassis to Whale to add a 4000 gallon Vacuum tank on to the chassis. When ready this will perform services like septic tank emptying, Cesspit/cesspool emptying and any wet or liquid waste you may need us to get rid of.

All our Tankers are Sat Nav tracked, plus you could ask us to provide proof of disposal. We have an ever growing fleet of vacuum tankers to perform septic tank emptying services and much more.

Here is a pic of how far Whale has got completing our new vacuum tanker.

Septic Tank Emptying

Our BIGGEST EVER High Vol Jet Vac Tanker!!!

Not only have Whale got a New Chassis for a 32 ton Vacuum Tanker, but they have also received a new 26 ton High Vol Jet Vac Tanker. This will be our largest High Vol Jet Vac Tanker in our fleet.

Jet Vac Tanker 26 TonWhy have we got a bigger High vol jet vac tanker?

We have a massive demand for our High Vol Jet Vac Tankers and the new 26 ton will be able to perform bigger jobs like, Unblocking large sewage system and will have the capacity to stay on site longer.

So if you need a Septic Tank Empty or a Jetting Service, then give Tardis a call on 0800 731 0589 or just visit our site for more information. 

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