What you need to know about septic tank emptying

When you have a septic tank emptying service, have you considered what you have flushed down the toilet or you’re sink.

Needs A Septic tank Emptying Service

If you’re pouring fatty oils from the frying pan down the sink, you could be damaging your septic tank and drainage field. The oil from the fat could solidify and block up your septic tanks outlet pipe which will cause your tank to over flow and cause more damage.


Emptying Septic tankLike having clean and lovely smelling toilets? Use the strong anti-bacterial bleach? You could be killing the wrong bacteria. Inside your septic tank and at the bottom there live some very useful and friendly bacteria that helps in digesting all the solid matter that falls to the bottom of the tank. Too much anti bacteria chemicals could kill off this friendly bacteria, which would then make the solid matter (Also known as Sludge) build up, meaning the tank will take less waste water and possibly cause the tank to over flow. Not saying don’t use anti bacteria, just don’t use a lot.

Wet Waste Removal Preparing service Vehicle

If you are planning to redesign your back garden, try to remember not to place anything heavy where your septic tank is buried. Remember you tank is probably made from plastic or even concrete and enough weight on top could cause the tank walls to cave in.

Gas level CheckingRemoving Liquid Waste






Now I hear this lot in the news. If your septic tank is in the back garden and the access hatch is in the middle or anywhere in the garden and you have children who like to play in the garden. Make sure the tanks lid is secured on properly, so when a child or even an adult walks over it does not break or come loose, causing you or your child to fall inside.

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