The Irish government is warning home owners who have to use septic tank systems to regularly empty their tanks of face hefty fines.

Close to half a million houses in the country have to have their own septic tank and the government is planning put in place fines and inspections.

Environment Minister Phil Hogan is warning that if households fail to empty their tank regularly they will be fined €5,000. That’s quite abit of money! Households who have to us septic tanks should already be aware of the importance of having their tank regularly emptied, and for those who don’t this should definitely put it in their heads now!

Phil Hogan also added that there’s nothing to worry about: “If a septic tank or similar system is being operated and maintained properly, no action will be necessary. Unless there is evidence of endangerment of human health or the environment, the system in place, irrespective of its age or type, will pass inspection.”

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