Our New 32 Ton Septic tank Emptying Vacuum Tanker

Septic tank Emptying

Tardis Environmental has just taken delivery of our new and old 32 ton Vacuum Tanker. Old I hear you say. Well the 32 ton Mercedes –Benz chassis is new but the tank is from one of our old Tankers that sadly went to tanker heaven. But we don’t have Environmental in our name for nothing; we are constantly looking for ways to reuse our equipment in a bid to help the environment. Which is why we are part of the new FORS scheme (More Info on this on our website) not only are we trying to lower our carbon footprint by half, we are also trying to reuse as much equipment as possible.

Cesspool Emptying

This is why our new 32 ton Mercedes-Benz chassis has an old septic tank placed on it. The old septic tanker has been updated and repaired with brand new parts and given a full Tardis makeover. You would never have guessed that the tanker was recycled from one of our old tankers.

Cesspit Emptying

The main use for this Vacuum tanker will be to empty septic tanks, cesspits and cesspools, but will also be used for soak away tests and wash downs.

All of our drivers are highly trained in dealing with any wet waste. We don’t just do septic tank emptying; we can also remove chemical waste, hazardous waste and even fuel removal. All our tankers are Sat Nav Tracked and you can even ask for proof of correct disposal.

And Can I say a special Thanks to Vallely Tankers for a great job done.