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Septic Tank Maintenance- Taking care of your septic tank system.


Septic tank maintenance will help your tank run efficiently and help prevent issues. Specific properties both domestic and residential will have a septic tank system, especially in rural areas. They are found when the property has no access to the main sewage line. The septic tank acts as a sewage system. 



Who is responsible for the upkeep of the Septic Tank?


Both domestic and commercial owners are responsible for maintaining a septic tank. Flooding or foul smells can be harmful to the local environment and nearby residents. Poor maintenance of septic tanks (particularly older installations) could result in further issues down the line. There are strict procedures and regulations in place to ensure those responsible for their septic tank carry out the right procedures before problems occur.  


How do you know when a septic tank requires an empty?


Septic tanks that require emptying will often be made apparent by bad smells or overflowing of water and sludge. Signs of slower flushing may require the tank being pumped. It also could mean there is a blockage in the pipe from the property to the tank. If you have any issues, Tardis Environmental provide septic tank services to get your septic tank working properly.



Potential issues with your Septic Tank


Quite often septic tanks themselves are simple to maintain by just taking precautions such as conserving water. Also making sure only waste and toilet paper are flushed can help manage the tank. Consider the septic tank drain field (the location where the tank is situated). If it is starting to show effluent water or show signs of dips around the location of the tank, then contact us so we can help you further. Other common issues with Septic Tanks include:  


Problems with deep root invasion


  • Deep roots can cause an issue with underground systems such as pipework and septic tanks. Deep roots get entangled with solids and therefore can cause blockages.



Small access point for emptying



  • Our vacuum tanker must be able to push the hose down into the tank to empty the sides of the tank. If the access point is not very wide, it will restrict emptying the tank entirely. This may also be a culprit for septic tanks filling up quickly.




Top tips for maintaining your Septic Tank


  • Only flush waste and toilet paper.
  • Pump out your septic tank before problems occur.
  • Converse water where possible.
  • Arrange an inspection of your tank at least once a year (contact us for more information).
  • Do not pour grease and oil down your sink.
  • Protect the ground area your septic tank is located.
  • If overflowing occurs, check if it contains sludge.



Is your Septic Tank adhering to 2020 regulations?


If you have an old septic tank system, you may not be compliant to the new law that takes places for septic tanks in 2020. The purpose of the laws are to help reduce pollution of sewage. This is preventing septic tanks from discharge waste into a stream or even a river. Check out more on the gov website by clicking here.    




Septic Tank Emptying and Cleaning Services from Tardis Environmental



Maintaining is better than failing. Don’t let your septic tank fail before we can solve the problem. Our Tardis operatives will arrive on site to empty your septic tank. To book your septic tank empty & cleaning, give us a call on 0800 731 0589.





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