Do you have a septic tank system that’s not working how it used to work?

There are so many reasons why a septic tank system could fail, the septic tank itself could not be decomposing the sludge correctly, sludge is what falls to the bottom of the septic tank and is decomposed, with a little help from friendly septic tank bacteria.

Empty Septic Tank

How could this build-up of sludge happen, it’s easy if you wash or pour antibacterial down the drain it will enter inside the septic tank and kill bacteria, stopping the septic tank system from digesting the sludge, which will then cause the sludge to build up and block the inlet and outlet pipes. Anti-Bacterial is fine to put down the drain but in small measures so not to kill of the Friendly bacteria.

You could solve this problem by having a septic tank emptying service and replenish the friendly bacteria. I would recommend having the septic tank emptied at least once a year. You could also have a scheduled empty for peace of mind.

Does your soakaway take a long time to drain away? If your drain field takes a long time to drain back to ground water, this could be because of increased use and the drain field could no longer support the increased waste water.  You will need a professional company to come and check the drain field system. If left too long the EPA could step in and if you’re found to be endangering the surrounding area then you could be fined or even placed in prison.

Other problems that could signal you have a sewage/drainage problem are your toilets don’t flush as quickly. This could mean that you could have a large blockage within the drain pipes. If you have a bad smell coming from the ground this could mean that you have a collapsed pipe or the pipe has a possible leak. To unblock your drain you will need a high pressure jetting service to lance throw the blockage and clean the pipe. A scheduled jetting service will minimise your drainage system having a blockage. If you have a damaged pipe and need advice give us a call and we will send out a CCTV Crew and check the damage. If you have minor damage like a crack then we could perform a pipe re-lining service. This will save you loads of money as we would not have to dig up your sewage system. But if you have a collapsed pipe then unfortunately it would need replacing.

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