Installing a new septic tank?

If you are in the process of installing a new septic tank by yourself here are a few steps that may be of some use to you. Advices only for correct installation speak to the manufacture.

  1. You will need to excavate the ground to the correct size of the septic tank
  2. Put a concrete base at the bottom of the hole you have just excavated. You may require putting some hold down straps within the concrete; your septic tank provider should let you know whether this is necessary.
  3. With a crane slowly lower your septic tank into position within the hole.
  4. If you were required to use hold down straps you should now install the straps around the septic tank to stop it rolling around while it’s in the ground.
  5. Once you have installed the straps you will now need to fill the septic tank with water which should be about 30-40cm deep, ahead of backfilling.
  6. Now backfill the excavation with concrete or with a suitable material that is approved by the septic tank company. Remember to only half fill it as you still need to connect pipes.
  7. Now you will need to connect the inlet and outlet pipes to the specified areas of the drainage system.
  8. Now backfill with concrete or any other suitable material minimum being about 300mm above the tank. You should now only be able to see the hatch. I would also advise in having a galvanised steel lid so if someone stands on top they want fall in.
  9. Level off the ground so that people or you don’t trip up over the hatch and fall in. if you have installed a large commercial septic tank then the tank should be able to have concrete on top. If it’s a domestic septic tank then I would suggest laying grass on top. And make sure you have a septic tank emptying service every year to ensure good working order. This is only advice. I would recommend getting a professional to do the job myself.

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