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Water Chlorination Services

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Water Chlorination Services for Water Tanks & Welfare Cabins

water chlorination services

Water chlorination is a popular water treatment process that is used to disinfect and remove harmful bacteria. Chlorine in water is used to remove germs and bacteria in water. We provide water chlorination services on water storage vessels such as IBC water tanks and static tanks. We also provide the service to water connections associated with welfare cabins.

Water chlorination services can be conducted on many applications that require water such as:
  • Water sprinkler systems
  • Swimming pools
  • Spas and jacuzzis/hottubs


Why is chlorine used to treat water?


With the correct amount added to water, chlorine can help remove or reduce high levels of diseases in drinking water drastically. It can also be used to remove bad odours and taste from water. Water chlorine treatment is an effective solution in removing harmful bacteria quickly.


There is no specific time that the chlorine must be added during treatment. This makes it a popular water treatment method alongside the ability for the chlorine to react quickly.


Water Chlorination Services for Water Storage on-site


Our Tardis water hygienist conducts on-site testing to ensure your water is fit for purpose. This includes offering a water chlorination service alongside our water tank hire. Importantly, we provide this service for site welfare units. We provide a full solution for your water needs on-site including plumbing your welfare cabin to a water storage vessel to supplying bulk water.


Before delivery, each tank is pre-treated to ensure we follow strict procedures to preserve the integrity of the water. We deliver quality assured drinking water from the point of arrival to site.



Once the water has been delivered to site, it is the responsibility of the site to preserve the water integrity


We deliver fit for purpose, quality assured water to the site. Once delivery has been made, you must take precautions to monitor the integrity of the water. If you have issues with the water on-site, our water hygienist can conduct water testing on-site or offer alternative solutions to meet your bulk water requirements.


How do I know when my water is not fit for purpose?


Depending on the application of the water, it may be as little as 24 hours before you require checking the integrity of the water. If you have drinking water on-site that is exposed to the sunlight, algae can form. Check out our blog on Tardis H2O specifically on how we can help you deal with issues with algae.

Get a quote today and secure your water chlorination services and keep your water fit for purpose.

water chlorination services

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