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Site Water Services

Site Water Services


This forms a large part of our site operations.


For example, our waste tankers carry a separate compartment for clean water top ups for welfare and toilet blocks.

This is strictly none drinking, clean water for hand washing and toilet flush purposes.


When larger quantities of clean water are required, then we send bigger dedicated water tankers, designed for the job. This can be for refilling towable bowsers or IBC containers and we work our way up the scale via static water tanks, right up to the big stuff, refilling a parked up tanker barrel (tanker trailer hire).


We provide larger quantities too for concrete batching plants and for no dig drilling operations, where water is used to wash the slurry back to the collecting pit (and yes, we can provide a tanker to take that away too).

Bulk water is also a requirement of percolation or soak away tests, where the “soak away” of a pit filled with water is measured to ascertain the drainage requirements of a site before building commences.

Water barriers are fast becoming a way of providing perimeter protection from traffic where people are working. These plastic barriers when filled with water provide a considerable and weighty barrier which will absorb impact and energy from and vehicle collision.  And whilst we’re on the subject of using water as ballast, we’ve adequate facilities to provide bulk quantities of water for ballast when tanks are to be buried underground.

In summer months especially, contamination from dust is just as much of a problem than that of mud in winter.  In the case of dust, not only do we have an admirable range of dust suppression solutions (up to 10,000  litres at a time). So we’ve the hardware in the form of our Dustroyer range and the payload in the shape of bulk water.

When it comes to moving water around, there’s a choice of pump options. Electric on demand pumps are an excellent option for welfare cabins or when water is required on tap, hence the name on demand.

We also have petrol and Diesel powered pumps for shifting larger quantities of water such as emptying pools or tanks.

Then we come to our “dirty water” range which are capable of handling some solids, they are classed as sewage or submersible pumps.

If you investigate the Site water services section of this website, you’ll soon realise we’ve got just about every aspect covered and every one with the expertise you’d expect from a company with 27 years experience.