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Bladder Tanks for Hire or Sale

Pillow tanks are a fast deployable liquid storage option in sizes from 1000 to 250,000 litres, suitable for storing potable water, non-potable, grey water/ sewage and fuel.

Bladder Tanks

These are also known as pillow tanks or collapsible water tanks, and they provide a liquid storage facility for a number of purposes.

Their most convenient benefit over other storage vessels is transportability when empty.

Even a large capacity tank of 10 or 20,000 litres can be folded up to fit into a large estate car or van such as the one in the picture.

They are easy to deploy, just unfold, attach the water fittings and fill.

They are resilient against weather and accidental damage.

As for uses, agriculture uses them for both irrigation and storage of liquid fertilisers.

Fire brigades have been known to use them as water storage in remote but high fire risk areas, as when fully closed there’s no evaporation factor.

Bladder tanks can be used to store waste water and simply be emptied by either simply draining or by vacuum tanker.

Tanks can be manufactured to your specification with a variety of inlet and outlet choices.

We can supply a Tardis Fitter to set up your bladder tank if you’ve not got the expertise on site to do so. Please request a quote.

Main Features:

  • For hire or sale.
  • Bladder tanks available in a wide range of sizes from 1000 litres to a huge 800,000 litres.
  • Convenient storage for a wide range of liquids; resin, fuel, oils and clean or potable water.
  • Ideal transportation solution by road, rail and sea.
  • Pillow tanks can be quickly emptied, flattened and folded/rolled away and moved to another location.
  • Tanks can be tailored to suit customer’s specific needs
  • Click here for advice on the use, storage and transportation of pillow tanks.