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Dust Suppression Bowsers

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Dust Suppression Bowsers

We have been hiring dust suppression bowsers for a long time now, site towable and capable as you’d expect.

It is often required by UK construction. It is a stumbling block when it comes to seeing a project through to completion. In winter it’s wind, rain and mud and in summer it’s dust. It whips up and goes everywhere on site, every time a vehicle goes by, let alone a gust of wind.

As we spend a lot of time on our customer’s sites, we observe their problems first hand, which is why the Dustroyer range came about.

Our spec sheet library has data sheets for each model we have, but do take a look at the videos on this page and see how effective the range can be.

Bust the dust with the Tardis Dustroyer range

Dust Suppression

10000 Litre ‘Big Daddy’ Bowser

The Big Daddy once powered up lays down a wide spray pattern for the best solution.


  • Road towable – the unit can be towed on the highway legally with a payload (you must provide a suitable towing vehicle).
  • Site towable – the unit can be towed on the highway but not containing a payload (you must provide an adequate towing vehicle).

2000 Litre ‘Dustroyer‘ Bowser

Let’s begin with the original Dustroyer, 2000 litres of “road towable dust busting.

Powered by a petrol engine pump, just flick the on switch, pull the cord, open the water valve and start delivering a result in minutes.

With our thinking caps on, we conceived and built the ultimate dust suppression system with the Big Daddy. A 10,000 litre *site towable leviathan with a set of rugged tyres to handle an unforgiving landscape.

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