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Flood Response Service

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Nationwide Coverage

Flood Response Service

We provide effective flood response service. We have the tankers and equipment to remove large volumes of water. Floods are bad for people and the economy in general and often require an immediate response.
We know the hub of any situation is to clear the offending contamination as quick as possible.
We have covered how you remove small amounts of water on our water pumps page. Sometimes when you have whole estates and villages underwater, it is a case of all hands to the pumps.
Of course the bigger the pump, the more water you’ll shift. Tardis vacuum tankers are more than capable of gulping up many litres of water a minute.

Emergency Flood Response 

Our company is geared up for out of hours emergency service. We can step into the breach as and when required.
We’ll assess the situation, the amount of water causing the problem and provide the equipment and human resource to tackle the problem
With recent weather patterns, British roads can experience flooding at a quicker rate. Volatile weather during winter months is a major factor for creating flash floods.
How much water can we shift at a time we hear you ask… Up to 27,000 litres per load.
If you need further advice, please contact us and we can assist you for further actions.

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