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IBC Containers & Water Fills on Demand

IBC Water Tank

IBC Container Deep Cleansing & Decontamination

Tardis also has on site deep cleansing units for cleansing and disinfection of IBC and other water storage vessels. The white translucent containers especially are susceptible to algae contamination during warmer months.

We use controlled amounts of Chlorine and high pressure jetting, to remove the contamination and leave the containers impeccably.

For drinking water vessels, please give us a call for advice on ideal containers for this purpose.


IBC Water Tanks

What does IBC stand for?

The IBC water tank stands for Intermediate Bulk Container. They are also known as IBC containers or pallet tanks. They are common on construction sites and in any place where smaller amounts of water need storing.

The metal framed cube is tough enough to take the knocks. It is easily stacked when empty and its translucent finish makes assessing liquid levels a simple affair.

How much water do they hold?

  • Standard capacity is 1000 litres
  • Containers weight approximately 18 kilos empty.

IBC water tanks are often mounted at an elevation above ground. This is to provide a rudimentary gravity feed for small welfare blocks, for hand washing and toilet flushing.

The translucent white cube is classed as a clean water storage vessel. The black is used for wastewater, both of which are available for hire from Tardis Environmental

IBC water tanks provided by Tardis are always delivered in a clean and disinfected condition. We do not recommend IBCs for storage of drinking water. This is due to the regulations connected with extended storage of this commodity. Plastic water totes available for short and long term hire.

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