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Towable Water Bowsers

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Water Bowser Hire

We provide water bowser hire for on site and road use. Our towable water bowsers are the small to medium capacity solution for water on demand.

The vessels can be prepared for quality assured drinking water or filled with clean water, depending on the need.

We have several Capacities and variants are either site towable or road towable. The differences in design and capabilities are explained below.

Remember, if you are towing on the road, ensure your licence and the vehicle are suitable to tow such a trailer. Remember a 1000 litre bowser weighs in excess of a tonne and the 2000 litre twice as much.

Road Towable Bowsers

A road towable bowser has been built and equipped to be use on the highway carrying a payload.

It has lights and indicators built on to the chassis, with an electrical coupler similar to that you’d find on a caravan.

Also on the front end, you’ll find the road towable bowser has a breakaway cable, a device which in the event the bowser becomes unhitched from the towing vehicle whilst in motion, the cable deploys a braking system on the bowser bringing it to a sudden halt, a safer alternative to having a bowser with a potentially heavy payload loose and out of control.

Road towable bowsers have the advantage that they can be prepared for filling with quality assured drinking water and therefore are ideal for use in other site postcodes, such as events, festivals and gatherings where people may require clean or drinking quality water on tap in larger quantities than provided by a bottled water option.


Capacities available are 1000 and 2000 litres.

In all cases, bowsers are provided with boil before use notification attached. This is recommended even for drinking water, unless a strict preparation, delivery, storage and testing routine has been implemented.

Our Tardis H2O on-site division is equipped to provide this service on request.

Please also note that with a highway towable bowser, both the driver’s licence and the towing abilities of the vehicle must also meet the legal requirements for the bowser and payload.

1 litre of water remember weighs 1 kilogram. Tow safely.

water bowser hire

 Site Towable Water Bowsers

A site towable bowser cannot be towed on the highway, regardless with our without payload.

The capacity of the site towable bowser is 2000 litres and therefore, we say again, do not tow this bowser on the highway unless it is empty.

Off the highway, you may tow this bowser with a payload. The design is for site use hence the chunky tyres, to cope with site and field mud.

Also worth considering. More often than not, you’ll be looking at spending less time draining water from the vessel and more time actually using it. If that’s true, then consider attaching a pump to increase your flow rate.

On-demand pumps are top notch for feeding toilets, and hand wash sinks and similar. As the name suggests, the delivery of water from the storage vessel is “on – demand”.

Petrol and Diesel powered pumps are utilised when you want to move considerable quantities of water in a short time. We have a range to choose from and the fittings to complete the job too. Call our Hire Desk to discuss your needs.

Water Bowser Specification Sheets Below

1000 Litre Towable Clean Water Bowser
1000 Litre Towable Drinking Water Bowser
2000 Litre Towable Clean Water Bowser
2000 Litre Towable Water Bowser
6000 Litre Site Towable Bowser
7,000 Litre Site Towable Bowser
10,000 Litre Site Towable Bowser

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