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Water Pump Hire

Water Pump Hire

If a water pump is needed, we like to think we have just the type to meet the need.

We break that need down into three main headings.

Clean water pumps

Dirty water pumps

Sewage type pumps.


Clean water pumps

Clean water pumps include electric on-demand pumps, which are covered in some detail on this site because of their simple adaptability. As the name suggests an on-demand pump activates when water is needed and stops when the demand ceases.

This provides a water pressure for the likes of hand washing and toilet flushing.  A simple to install and operate option.


As these pumps are not designed to be weatherproof, we highly recommend you combine your hire with a Tardis pump protection box. This protects the pump from wind, rain dust and frost ensuring the pump works correctly when the weather turns unpleasant.


Other clean water pumps are those which provide a constant flow of water once activated. Most operate using a 2″ (50mm) outlet) and are for those who need to improve flow of water both speed and capacity, from one location to another.

Amongst these models you will find the WX10 and WH20 (a high powered petrol pump) 

Technical details on all pumps in the range can be found in our spec sheet library, with their ideal uses and capabilities listed.


Dirty water pumps

Moving along, we come to pumps that can handle a certain amount of solids or debris in what they are pumping. The sort of thing you might find in dirty or ground water.

The WT120 is such a model for this purpose. It can handle debris up to 24mm or 1”  in size


Sewage pumps

Moving onto pumps which can remove sewage contaminated water.

 The Mini compacta is designed for transporting sewage from above ground level to a higher level tank.

We also feature a cast iron bodied submersible water pump, capable of moving flood water (also suitable for sewage contamination) from a depth of 7 metres.

Our electric submersible pump is capable of handling much larger particles of debris, in this case up to 50mm (2”).