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Bulk Water for Soakaway

Water for Soakaway Testing

Bulk Water Delivery

Before new land is built on, the planners/builders have to conduct soakaway testing, also referred to as percolation testing to ascertain the drainage ability of the local soil.

This is determined by the use of percolation or soakaway testing which is in fact, a series of trenches dug to a set depth, part filled with water and then the speed (or lack of it) to drain away into the surrounding soil, is measured.

A clay soil for example will produce little to no soak away, which would lead to adequate drainage being designed into the build project.

We supply the water for these tests. Quite commonly, our 26 tonne rear wheel steer H2O tanker will provide enough water for the tests to complete and is of a size to access new build projects and has a payload of 16,000 litres.

Of course, where access allows, larger tankers can be assigned this job too.