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Static Water Tanks

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Static Water Tanks

The bigger storage solution 

Static water tanks provide a common solution to a common problem. How to store relatively large amounts of water providing on-demand supply.

This can especially be the case where a water supply is required for a temporary building or block such as welfare and administration cabins or even school facilities.

When coupled with an electric on-demand pump, you provide not only a water feed, but pressure to taps and flushable toilets.


We have Tardis Fitters experienced in plumbing and electrics, to power and plumb into your facility and then, the Tardis H2O tanker can pop by and fill the tank for you and keep on doing so just as long as you want it.

Tanks can be prepared to receive and store quality assured drinking water, though considering the volume of water stored, a thorough testing regime should also be employed to document and verify the fitness for purpose of the stored water. No worries, Tardis H2O on site also has a range of water testing programs to keep your drinking safe water.


plastic water tank

Most commonly we hire out the 5000 litre water tanks and 10,000 litre water tanks, although larger sizes are also available.

Hiring water tanks from Tardis fixes all your problems at once. We provide the tanks, we deliver using our crane lorries, we have on-demand pumps from stock.

plastic water tank
Water Pump Hire
Can be supplied with petrol or electric water pumps in cases where a faster delivery of payload is essential
Tardis H2O tanker on site

Tanker top ups available – up to 30,000 litres per load

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    Main Features:

    • All water tanks supplied for use with drinking water are treated prior to delivery to strict cleanliness standards in line with Health & Safety guidelines with water tested prior to delivery, by our Water Hygienist.
    • To complete the chain, all fittings, hoses and the delivering tanker employs strict procedures to assure the integrity of the water being delivered.
    • Can be supplied with petrol or electric water pumps for use with site welfare cabins.
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