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Site Welfare Units – What type of waste tank and pump is required for your unit

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Work is about to start on site. The site welfare units have been delivered and placed conveniently for all to use. The unit could be used as a canteen, office or a toilet block. Some welfare units are also stackable like the image above. You might have the welfare unit to serve the purpose as a toilet block but it has not been plumbed into a waste tank. Not a problem, our Tardis fitters can help! Read on for more information on the services we can provide.


Firstly, to use site welfare facilities, the unit needs running water and an effluent tank for waste disposal if it is being used as a toilet block. Therefore, your site welfare unit will require a waste tank to be plumbed into the welfare unit.



What Type of Effluent Tank do you need for a Welfare Unit?


An effluent tank (or waste tank) is needed with toilet blocks. Many of our clients will have an arrangement for us to come and empty the tank on a regular basis. On a time basis, it depends on how many people are using the facilities and how quickly the tank fills up.


If your welfare cabin does not have jack legs and you require a large volume waste tank, there are alternative options such as our elongated waste tanks. Jacklegs cabins are raised above ground level often allowing for waste tanks to be fitted underneath the unit.


It’s important to remember that the service ports are accessible so that we can empty the tank. Please make sure the service points are accessible for our Tardis operatives to connect the suction pipe to the tank. Moving onto the type of waste tanks that you can use, see below:



Standard Sized Waste Tanks


We provide many waste tanks to construction, events and festival industries. There are often various sizes ranging from 2700 Litres to 13,600 Litres.


steel waste tank



Elongated Waste Tanks


An elongated waste tank is a space saving option without sacrificing the ability to hold high capacity amounts of wastewater. It’s slim line design provides an option to place under welfare units with limited space.


Traditional effluent tanks, for example, would not fit under certain units (in particular non-jackleg cabins) due to it’s big and bulky design. Our elongated waste tanks can hold over 4000L of water.


elongated waste tank



Plastic Waste Tanks


Plastic waste tanks are more flexible and easier for transport. They are classed as a lightweight alternative but still durable for the needs of being on a construction site.

The common misconception is that because they are lighter, they can be moved easier on site. This can be the case when empty, however, if there is water inside, they will not be able to be moved. It is best to place the tank in a site postcode where it does not need to be moved, if possible.



plastic waste tank



Custom Sized Waste Tanks


Our Tardis Fabrication team can manufacture bespoke waste tanks to suit your requirements. The fabrication team can provide quick lead time for creating your bespoke size waste tanks.


tank fabrication




Welfare Cabins – What Type of Pump is Required?

When there is no connection to the mains water line, you will require a water vessel to store water. A water pump is then connected to the appropriate water vessel and draws water from this. With the correct connections, the vessel, pump and waste tank will be connected to the welfare unit. There are certain situations that could require a macerator for your setup.




Is The Waste Tank higher than ground level? This requires a Macerator Pump


Due to space limitations, it may require placing the waste tank higher than ground level. This is often the case if you don’t have a jackleg cabin. If the waste tank is placed higher up, this will require a macerator.

A macerator allows pumping the water uphill. This is extremely helpful if you have to place the waste tank above ground level and the water has to be pumped upwards rather than water flowing down into the tank.




Electric On-Demand Pump


An electric on-demand pump becomes active once there is a demand for the water. For example, if you have a toilet block when someone uses the tap for hand washing, if the pump is connected to a water supply or water vessel, it will pump and extract the water from the vessel and the pump becomes active.


water pump



Tardis Fitters – Providing Plumbing & Electrical Services


The chances are that if you have had our plant delivered to the site, our Tardis Fitters would have been to set up the required item you have for hire. Our Tardis Fitters provide temporary site services such as on-site plumbing and electrics.

Our Tardis Fitters have experience in plumbing welfare units to connect to effluent tanks on site. If a welfare unit is in the form of a toilet block, for example, plumbing in is required on site to enable to use the facilities. If you need a welfare toilet block service? Check out at the end of this blog for more information on our Welfare Unit Servicing blog.




tardis fitters



Contact us to Arrange On Site Welfare Services

We can provide all your welfare services. If you are unsure what setup will be required for your welfare unit, or simply require our services, speak to one of our sales team to book your site welfare unit hire today.



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