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English is the second most popular language in the world behind Mandarin. Interestingly, English has many dialects that are diverse across the United Kingdom. You can look close to our Head Office in the Midlands to find that the Black Country has a unique dialect with some “wacky” phrases. What are your favourite slang terms used in the wet waste industry?   Many words associated in the industry we operate in have a broad variation.

Many customers have their description of products or services that they enquire for. For example, a “honey wagon.” A honey wagon is a slang term for a vacuum truck that provides wet waste emptying. A popular reference that we often hear. Did you know that a honey wagon originated from a horse-drawn vehicle collecting human excrement?   Here are a few other examples of slang terms:

  • Water Totes- Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Foul Tank, grey waste tank, effluent waste tanks – Waste Tanks
  • Cesspit Tank- Septic Tank



What is your unique word or saying for the Waste Industry?


Have you ever asked for a service or product within the waste industry that provided a puzzling response? “Sorry I have not heard of that before.” It may be correct what you’re referring to but could only be popular in a particular area. That is the English language for you.   We are interested to hear your thoughts and phrases. Provide us with your unique sayings and your site postcode and receive a promotional pack from us!