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Suction Excavators

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Suction Excavators

Suction excavators, often referred to as vacuum excavators are designed to create a negative pressure and airflow to transport material, using special suction fans.

The suction fans are capable of creating an air flow of up to 44,000m3/h, a maximum vacuum of 55,000 Pa, driven by an engine driven power take off (PTO).

The air flow enables the operator to suck liquid and solids up to 250mm in diameter. Air tooling can also be used to loosen firmer ground if required.

The excavated material is then deposited directly into the main storage chamber on board the vehicle, ready for discharge. Smaller particles are caught into two smaller tanks and dust particles in the filter system before the air flushes through the machine.

Suction excavation is intended to replace traditional and hand dig methods of excavation, as it improves excavation speed whilst decreasing associated health and safety risks.

The non-invasive approach is suited to projects where there are services that could be damaged such as existing buried pipework, cabling and other utility lines or where there is uncertainty in the exact site postcode of services.


  • Removes larger pieces of debris than conventional methods
  • Preserves buried infrastructures such as pipework or electrical cables
  • Cuts down immensely on the use of manual excavation methods

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    Ideal applications include:


    • Debris clearance to enable repair of underground utilities
    • Trial holes and pits
    • Foundation works for new machinery
    • Excavation in restrictred areas
    • Removal of material around machinery
    • Pile repair works
    • Rail industry
    • Gullies, gutters and drains
    • Flat roof gravel removal
    • Refineries and chemical plants
    • Environmental disasters such as flooding (debris removal)
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