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Splish Splash.

Friday March 23rd, we sent Tardis Fitters Sam and Joel down to London to provide water and fitting expertise for ITV’s popular morning show This Morning, who were doing a feature on hot tubs.

Job was to set things up and when the feature was over, treat the water so it could be safely disposed of and do just that.

Imagine everyone’s surprise, when ITV invited our fine, fit fitters to be part of the feature.

Tardis Fitters

Eamonn, Sam, Ruth and Joel


Tardis fitters stripped and washed on live TV

Stripped of every shred of clothing they had and issued with a pair of shorts each, they were plunged into a £ 17,500 hot tub which we can inform you, wasn’t hot, but did our lads shiver ?  Not til they were off camera.

The show is hosted on Fridays by husband and wife team Eamonn Holmes OBE and Ruth Langsford and they joined co presenter Alison Hammond outside in the cold to present the feature.

An amusing five minutes or so which we back at Tardis towers managed to capture and present here for your delectation.

Andy Warhol said everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes, so our lads have a few left over to spare if anyone wants to book them for TV or film appearances. Alternatively, you can book them for more useful pursuits than wallowing around in a hot tub.

We recommend commercial electrics and plumbing, especially pipework (waste and water) to welfare cabins and toilet blocks. Plumbing in of portable showers, fitting of pumps of varying types such as on-demand, petrol and Diesel powered pumps and macerators all come under the care of Tardis fitting crews.

Tardis fitters

H2O outside ITV