Event Toilets

Need some information on Event Toilets?

Well here is some information on our Event Toilets.

Event Loo

Our Event toilets are made for the constant use that a festival or event will bring.

The Event toilet has vandal proof door springs. Doubled-wall roof that can withstand heavy weight, Ultra strong two ply walls with a smooth finish for easy cleaning. You can also request a push light if the Toilet will be used at night time. The waste tank has a large capacity of 265 litres. The total weight excluding the waste tank is approx. 84kg. Need measurements then download the spec sheet from our portable toilet web page?

Our Event toilets will come with hand and soup sanitizers and can come with different soap. You can order a normal soap dispenser that will deliver approx. 480 uses, we also supply an alcohol based soup that will deliver approx. 600 uses and finally you could ask for our foam sanitizer dispenser system which will deliver approx. 1600 uses.

You can request a sink instead of a soap dispenser at no extra cost. The large water basin has a water capacity of 322.5 litres. For more information on our portable toilets, visit our website for more details on what type of portable toilet we can supply.

Would you like to speak to someone from our very helpful and friendly sales team then please call our Freephone number on 0800 731 0589.