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Never get caught short again

Tardis announces portable toilet locator app.

Tardis Environmental, a company not known for letting the grass grow under their feet have done it again.

Ever the early adopters of technology, there is now an app available on Android, IOS and Windows which will indicate your nearest available Tardis portable toilet.

Head of Tardis wearable tech, I.B. Fuller -Flannel said earlier today “ we’ve noticed that some of these sites we deliver toilet units to are vast and getting caught short with ne’r a loo on the horizon can be quite distressing”.

The handy Tardis Tracker using GPS location and a small finder device fitted to all Tardis portable toilets, will flag up any operational toilets within a 3 mile radius of the person trying to track one down.

Tardis tech

The Tardis Toilet Finder app is avalable on Android, IOS and Windows mobile platforms

The arrival of the app comes only after negotiations with NASA who only in recent years have opened up geo location to commercial operators, mainly to provide location advice on fast food restaurants, Pokemon Go hot spots and  instant win scratch card  retailers.

The introduction of a toilet locator for “urgent need” brings usefulness to a vertical market. “We like to think that we’re offering instant relief” said an upbeat Flannel.

Users can “fave” their nearest toilet for return visits and the app has  instant win prizes which appear on screen as a visitor enters random units, adding a fun element to spending a penny

Tardis Toilet Finder app

Compatible with most types of wearable tech

After extensive testing in the field, the locator service is now fully operational nationwide and the  free app is available for download from:: here

The app is also compatible with most smart watches making finding your favourite Tardis loo as easy as a walk in the park.

In fact you’ll find Tardis portable toilets at many event locations as well as construction sites, so you really could well be in the park when your app shows you the way.

Finally, your voice can be heard  from inside the Tardis which is wi fi 4G connected. Once you lock the door, your app screen will change to a rating system to send a one to four star feedback to Tardis HQ.

Cleanliness, operational satisfaction ,even if there’s a loo roll or fresh hand towels needed, we want to know.

To read further on the development of this amazing app, click here to visit our tech page.


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