Tardis USB Septic Tankers

You already know that Tardis Environmental perform an excellent Septic tank Emptying service. We also provide emptying services for cesspits and cesspools, plus we can also check and arrange a scheduled maintenance check-up or emptying service your septic tank, cesspit and cesspool.

If you have waste chemicals that you would like to have removed and disposed of safely, then call Tardis Environmental and will send out a tanker to suck up the waste chemicals and then we will dispose of it correctly. We can even supply you with proof of proper disposal.

We can dispose of any Hazardous waste you have in a safe and environmentally friendly way. All wet waste we dispose, we can provide you with the correct documents to prove and give you piece of mind that we have done the job within the EPA guidelines.

Our Septic tank Tankers range from 450, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 6000 gallons. Please check to see if you have access for the vehicle. We can also send out spec sheets on all our different types of tankers.

Septic Tank USB

Now we can even help you move computer data from one computer to another computer with our Tardis USB Tanker. With its huge 1GB Approx. memory flash drive you can move pics and important documents to another computer with ease.

Trust Tardis environmental to give you a Septic Tank emptying service you will never forget.