Information on our Septic tankers

Ever wondered how a Tardis Vacuum tanker comes and does a Septic tank emptying service really quickly. Well here is science or maths behind our tankers vacuum power.

First let’s look at what factors could slow or speed up the filling time of one of our tankers.


  1. The first factor is the vacuum itself depending on the quality of the vacuum. If not maintained properly then a septic tank could take longer to empty.
  2. Depth from which the sucking load is. Say sucking from a depth of 4 metres will take less time than sucking from 8 metres and so on.
  3. Third is the fluid property. All liquids are different for example oil will sit above water so in retrospect water has more density than oil and is harder to suck up same with blood and sewage which each have different density.
  4. The easiest one which is pipe diameter. The bigger the diameter the quicker the septic tank will be emptied.
Septic tanker

Diagram of a Tardis Septic Tanker

So how much time will it take to empty a 1000 gallon Septic tank compared to a 2000 gallon septic tank

If the dia of the hose was 3” it will suck up 145 gallons a minute. So if you have a 1000 gallon tanker it would only take 7 minutes to empty and for a 2000 gallon septic tank it would tank 14 minutes. 4” dia hose sucks up 260 gallons a minute, emptying the septic tank in 4 mins and 2000 gallon septic tank will take 8 mins.

For more information on our tankers vacuum capacities then visit our tanker page on our website